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FAQs- Your complete consultation & procedure information.

When you contact Tracy at Totally Faces for the first time,
you can feel rest asured, you are in very safe hands,    

Tracy is the National award winner UK from Habia , HSE &
East Riding of Yorkshire Council

                                     for Health & Safety                                            

for all clinic, consultation, procedure and aftercare policys she has in place and follows as standard.

 Your first contact will be with Tracy herself and she will answer any questions you may have in regard to a procedure with complete honesty and without bias.

Your first consultation is also without any obligation, all your questions will be answered to the best of Tracy's ability,

All services are by appointment only.

If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 48 hours notice, so as not to cause any inconvenience to anyone.

ALL procedures require a full consultation and skin allergy test before any procedure can take place, This is to make sure that the procedures are conducted in a safe and professional manner, both for the benefit and safety of the client and the practitioner. Our best intentions always.

Please call for details. Please also check out our before & after photos in the gallery, you will be more than be amazed to see for yourself what a difference permanent cosmetics can make. 

Your consultation includes a complete consultation process which is conducted in a very professional manner and in the strictest confidence in a friendly & relaxed clinic setting and includes;                                         

# We take a full medical history and we ask questions in regard to your procedure and you have the chance to ask as many questions as you like too, so you can feel comfortable with Tracy as your practitioner and  know you have chosen the correct person to provide your micropigmentation procedure.

[ we never share any information with any 3rd party]

# we discuss exactly what you would like from your procedure of choice and explain all your choices to you so you can decide and make an informed choice if Permanent Make-up or Medical Micropigmentation is for you.

# We show you lots of before & after Photos of all procedures so you can  get a feel for the type of work and style of artistry Tracy uses in her work, and also get some ideas for you own make-up.

# We take photos of you as you are now, if you give permission, this gives Tracy a good indication of how you like to wear your makeup.   

#We perform an allergy test at this consultation appointment, without this we would not be able to go ahead with a procedure, both from your Health & Safety and insurance purposes, your safety is of paramount importance to us.

# We explain exactly what to expect from each procedure appointment & what happens before, during & after so that you are fully prepared for your procedure of choice.

# We provide information to you in paper format regarding what to expect from your procedure and what to do before you have your procedure, this is to help with your preparation for a procedure. 

# A small deposit is taken at this appointment either by credit/debit card or cash so as to  hold your next appointment and is redeemable against your procedure of choice. This is refundable if enough notice is given for a cancellation i.e 48 hrs before, but if you do not show for your appointment it is not refundable.




On the
 day of your first procedure you can expect the following;

# You will have as much time as you wish for your appointment to discuss everything that you would like to discuss without feeling rushed or looking at the clock, because Tracy only books 1 client in at anyone time so as not to add any pressure in getting the procedure done quickly and having another client waiting before your procedure is finished, because the time you book is all allocated for you and including the cleaning and setup afterwards. Giving you the reasurance that the time is all yours.  

# We will discuss all shapes, styles & colours of any procedure  you are about to go ahead with and Tracy will address any concerns or querys you may have, Tracy will not start and implant any colours in to your skin until you are 100% happy with what you are going ahead with-shape, style & colour, this will be your final say, we want you to be extremely happy with your choice.

# When you are completely happy and give the go a head we will then start the process.

# We take a before photo. 

# Tracy will set up and follow all health & safety rules/protocol and will prepare herself for the procedure i.e handwash, glove, face mask, aprons, eye protection.

# And the client will be prepared i.e gowns, and bibs, hair bonnet protection.

# First we cleanse the skin, and take off any dead skin cells, we then  place the aneasthetic on to your skin so as to numb your skin, so as the procedure can be as pain free as possible, however this is different for everybody because everyone's pain freshold is unique to themselves, some people feel only minor sensation and some people feel nothing. We will have already drawn on the template for the procedure in the case of eyebrows.  We set up our micropigmention machine with patended oneclick needle cartridges, which are completely sterile and only taken out of the packet in front of you just before the procedure begins, so you are safe in the knowledge that the needle is just for you, and will be disposed of immediatley the procedure is finished. All touchable surfaces are protected with barrier film to protect from cross contamination, and all consumables for the procedure are one time use and are fully disposable and disposed of immedately after the procedure 

#We mix the coloured pigments to your requirements.

# We then start to  implant the pigment into the skin.

# After the first pass we then add a second step aneasthetic onto your skin which can go into broken skin, this makes the procedure extremely comfortable for the client, some have even been know to fall a sleep!. Each persons pain tolerences are unique and most people do feel something but do say it is very comfortable it feels just like a scratching sensation or like the plucking of your brows.

# Just before the procedure is finished we show the client the procedure in the mirror and discuss if any adjustments are required, because we always do it less first time so the client can get used to the new look and we can always add more or make it a little darker next time, as it is always better to add then to take away!.    

# When we have finished the procedure we take an after procedure photo to record how the procedure went.

# We then put on an aftercare product, and apply icepacks for a short while if necessary and add soothing eyedrops in the case of an eyeliner procedure.  

#  We then explain all aftercare to the client and issue you with a full aftercare instruction sheet & aftercare package of products to use and a helpline number if you are in doubt about any thing to do with your aftercare once you are home. We are there to help ALWAYS.

# We record all procedure information on record sheets i.e pigments used and batch numbers, needle size, client pain tolerences, aneasthetic usage, skin reactions, and client comments, price client paid, etc so we have a full record of your visit ready for your next visit and all held in the strictest confidence.

The client will then come back again for follow up procedures 4/6 weeks following the first procedure this is so that the skin can heal and the colour can settle into the skin correctly. If it is done any sooner the skin will not have healed and the skin can become damaged and can possibly scar, at Totally Faces we will never do the procedure again until we are sure the skin is healthy and safe to proceed on.

# The client can expect to come in at least 2 to 3 times 4/6 weeks apart for all procedures. This is to allow for a safe &  gradual process as we see permanent make-up as a process and not a one off procedure.

# When all procedures are complete you can expect your makeup to be quite longterm but depending on your style and facial cream usages there may be some fading that will occur prematurely however this is not a problem because we do suggest a touch up procedure in the future at your convenience this keeps your new permanent makeup looking pristine and completely renews it again giving you the added self confidence again. 



Permanent cosmetic make-up is the art and science of implanting colour in to the skin, it is putting the right colour in the right place so you can look better naturally. Specialised instruments allow your practitioner to place colour into the layer of skin known as the dermis . Because the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the colour through a thin veil of skin. Permanent cosmetic make-up helps replenish what time has taken away and gives back precious time you normally spend 'putting on your face' Permanent make-up is not intended to replace cosmetics completely. Because the colour is placed 'in' your skin and not 'on' your skin a more natural softer look results. When you're ready to kick up your heels and go out for a night-on-the-town, you can apply as much additional make-up as you like. The procedures are completely safe and effective and used for a variety of semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements, Women and Men of all ages are experiencing the difference micropigmentation can make.


you just need more time .

2.ALLERGIES; to ordinary make-up, sensitive skin.

3.VISION IMPAIRED; people who have difficulty applying their cosmetics.

4.MOTOR IMPAIRED; individuals including arthritis, parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis sufferers, stroke survivors, and those with unsteady hands, and cannot apply there own make-up.


6.ALOPECIA; areata or universalis sufferers who have lost some or all of the facial hair, including eyebrows and eyelashs.

7.CHEMOTHERAPY; recipients with full or partial hair loss.

8.MEN; who want feature enhancement that looks natural and not 'made up' also to repair scars on eyebrows, a common place for scars from childhood and sporting accidents.

9.WORKING PROFESSIONALS AND MOTHERS ALIKE; who don't have time yet want to look their best at all times.

10.ACTIVE OUTDOOR LIFESTYLES. you just want to get up and go.


11.YOU WISH TO CHANGE; for breasts- colour of areola or size, for eyebrows -the shape and colour.

12.FOR BREAST SURGURY PATIENTS; to add the finishing touchs to your reconstruction work, to hide the scars and blend them in. To put the icing on the cake! esppecially if you do not wish to have more surgery this is a must and it gives you a very natural looking finish to your reconstruction without the down time.



The first application of permanent make-up is some what like a 'primer' and will usually need 1 or 2 touchups within 12 weeks to make the colour truly permanent. Using the analogy of painting a house or car, you wouldn't think to purchase a car that had only one coat of paint, would you? your house and car needs numerous coats of paint to prolong their colour. Permanent make-up needs multiple layers of pigment to achieve the desired outcome and retain longevity. The permanent make-up is applied using a rotary pen which can hold multiple needles to implant coloured pigments. The tattoo needles and this technique is medically proven to be completely safe. The tattooing device basically works like a small sewing machine, the needle asssembly rapidly moves up and down, pushing the needles into the dermis layer of the skin, implanting the chosen pigment. The practitioner holds the machine with a steady hand while gliding it along the skin. The needle penetrates the skin only a couple of millimeters at the most as the tube needle caps & digital technology limit the needles from penetrating any deeper.


Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement, 
Lipliner/Lipblush & Full lip colour.
Beauty spots.


Areola/Nipple repigmentation,
Scar Camouflage, Scar Relaxation,
Cleft palate repigmentation & relaxation,
Burn Scar repigmentation & relaxation, 
Corrections and Non-laser Pigment Removel
and the new craze for Wrinkle Therapy-
MULTI-TREPANNIC COLLAGEN ACTUATION, for people who do not want to use botox or fillers/ this process utilises your bodies natural way of healing and plumping the skin.


Every client is different, we all have different pain tolerances to pain. With advanced new equipment and techniques discomfort is minimal. Very good topical cream/gel anesthetics are now available and made especially for the permanent cosmetic/ medical tattooing world. Here at TOTALLY FACES we use only the best anesthetics available today so your procedure can be as comfortable as possible.These creams and gels are applied to the desired area.

Before and during the procedure the creams are applied to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible. Some people describe the sensation as a 'tingling' feeling. Most people experience some sensation, especially for lip & eyeliner colour procedures, for eyebrows this is the procedure that usually as not much pain at all and is the most comfortable procedure. It is common to hear that there was not as much pain as was expected. As the anesthetic wears off after the procedure, cool packs are very soothing to the area.


Each procedure behaves differently after it's application. Depending on the procedure you have done, you will see various changes occur in the first few days i.e swelling, colour to dark, shape a little distorted. immediately after the procedure is done

When the area as healed, there is a much greater chance that the permanent make-up procedure will be to light or subtle, Most practitioners offer at least 2 free touchups. Most clients are satisfied with 2 total applications. The touchups are necessary to make your make-up just right. This aplication can be balanced, supplemented, darkened, or changed or altered if necessary. It is much better to add pigment than to take it away!. Over the next 5 to 28 days the artificial look will naturalize and soften. It is impossible to accurately evaluate what the final result will be until this 'naturalization' process occurs. The shape may appear to be somewhat distorted; 'DON'T WORRY'. Only after the pigment has settled into place and irritation from the process has disappeared can the make-up be accurately evaluated. 'THIS PROCESS ALLOWS FOR A SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND GRADUAL PROCESS'. And once procedures are fully finished you can expect them to last as they are permanent but may need a touch up from 1 to 7 years due to fading, to keep your make-up looking pristine.


Why not check out our product, special offer and photo gallery and see what TOTALLY FACES can offer you, may it be -

Permant eyebrows-An instant 'eye/brow lift' without surgery!

or check out our eyeliners- you will then be able to forget about smearing, smudging and watery eyes.

Difficulty in make-up application? watery eyes? Busy lifestyle?never have time to just look naturally made up?

This will soon be forgotten with your application of natural but longlasting permanent cosmetics, designed to suit your individual look, custom blended for you as an individual, you will be wondering why you never did it earlier.


Tracy and Totally Faces hope this information will have given you some insight in to what to expect from a procedure and consultation process and hope it has helped you to make  a decision on making an appointment with Tracy Taylor-Scott SPCP.                                                                    

This information is provided so you can understand the process more clearly and ALSO understand that Tracy Taylor-Scott SPCP your Award winning micropigmentation  practitioner provides her services in the utmost confidence & in a completely professional way, and you can expect high standards always and that you will know that Tracy will follow all procedure protocol and code of ethics strictly. 

Your safety is our priorty and is of paramount importance ALWAYS.

If you require any more information regarding a procedure please do pick up the phone and call because Tracy is more than happy to answer any query you may have.                                                         

Tel 07724057217 or 01482 658983






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give it ago even if it is just for fun!.

You can also find us at


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